How to Style Hair Scrunchies

Scrunchies are back to trend again. 90s hair scrunchies are lovelier than ever. They are abound on celebrities, influencers, bloggers, magazines in endless repetition. They are such a cute and key element to complete your style of the day they goes with every outfit and you can style them several different way to suitable your occasion. They are now in different colours, sizes, prints and textures have fun with your scrunchies wearing with a ponytail, multiple ponytails, half up style, bun style, space buns, or braid.

High Ponytails

You can wear your scrunchie in a cute high ponytail. It feels like 90s girly and definitely look very pretty.

Low Ponytails

Low ponies are a great easy and comfortable to wear a scrunchie. If you love how they look with hair that’s a bit messy with pieces pulled out in front. It is a great way to look more casual.

 Multiple Ponytails

If you would like to get creative with your scrunchie ponytails than try multiple. This bubbly ponytail style is perfect for long hair. Different coloured scrunchies work best for this super fun and standout style.

Half-up Bun

Half-up hairstyles are so popular these days whether you make a bun or ponytail on top it will be lovable. They're totally effortless, and they are perfect for a lazy hair day. They're also versatile for any hair length or texture.


High Bun

It is another perfect way to worn your hair scrunchie to make your hair stunning. They look best worn with a loose and messy bun. This probably an easy style to create just gather up your hair into a high bun and slip a scrunchie around it.

Low Buns

Low buns are super for scrunchies you can do neat, low bun or a messy and loose one. You can try giant scrunchie styles around your low bun super stylish.

Pigtails & Space buns

Here is another fun and youthful vibe look with your pigtails & space buns hairstyle. It is feels you adorable worth a try.



Your high or low braids with one of fun hair accessories will look just stunning. Here are some examples for you. Have fun.