Upcycling Fashion

what does upcycle fashion mean


I always wonder why fashion must make new items all the time. Where are all the leftover fabrics going? And why we need that much clothing? And why don’t we up cycle them which already exists?

 What does up cycle fashion mean?

 Upcycled clothing is the way of taking old, worn out, or damaged garments and transforming them into brand-new items. As well as referred to as repurposed clothing, reused clothing, and recycled clothing, up cycled items are becoming increasingly more popular in the recent fashion industry. 

 When I started to think of upcycling fashion brand the awareness was not that much, and most of the people wasn’t thinking of the side effects of fast fashion. But now especially after covid-19 people became more aware of the environment and I saw that consumer behaviors are changing, and I thought I had to do something I had to start from somewhere and see how I can help to encourage upcycling in a positive way.

 My story begun when I was a child, I was always interested in upcycling my old clothes to new clothes for my dollies that were my starting point. I was just lucky at that point because England is one of the largest countries which has a lot of second-hand shops, charities, car boot sales, and much more where I get my materials. This also gave me another facility to reach my recycled materials much easier and faster, even using leftover fabrics from sewing rooms, so they are easier and more effective to create new items rather than search for the new material of the season and dye them to the new seasons color palette, finishing and quality control progress. If these were to be shipped from abroad, all those processes are harmful to the environment as well.

 And on the other hand, we all know now, how fast fashion has been impacted the environment for a long time. It is a big and important subject and of course there is a lot to say about it, but I mentioned some of the relative subjects and some methods about sustainable fashion in my previous blog you can visit and find more information and detailed about fast fashion impact.


up cycling fashion

 I have created my new activity regarding upcycling fashion with some essential items such as hair accessories and bag collections and I am working on a new project which will be included an upcycling t-shirt and denim garments. I now have a new campaign it is a donation campaign if you donate a denim garment then you will get one of my lovely scrunchies as a thank you. It is super easy to donate and have your lovely essential and fun scrunchie. I have a form for you to fill out and submit include your donation item or items pictures and your chosen scrunchie then as soon as I see your form then we will exchange our address details. Please check out my donation page for more information and then you can be the one to join my sustainable world. How exciting is that? I am looking forward to hearing from you.