Welcome to My Donation Page

I would like to say thank you for your the time to read my donation page. Your donation is a matter for my new activity regarding a better world. It is also a great way to start your sustainable journey for a better world.

The knowledge that you have sacrificed time, thoughts, and items to help businesses in need or create positive change in the world is a beautiful thing. However, giving to small businesses can give you a sense of purpose in life, along with self-worth and inner satisfaction.

One of the biggest reasons that you should donate is to remove wastage from the world. Still, more than 300 000 tonnes of clothing go to landfills each year for more information read my blog on sustainable fashion here. By donating you could encourage a small business to continue its work and creativity and this will also help contribute to the economy of the country.

Another biggest benefit of helping small businesses is that you could get a peace of mind donation. The happiness that you could get from giving in the best and it helps me to create new creations and seeing your donation journey will give you mentally satisfied.

You could also set up an example whilst donate for the people around you it means that small businesses like nurcanmade will receive more donations and so it would be easier for them to work on their creation.

However donating my brand will allow you to have one of my conscious scrunchie. When you donate any fabric, unwanted garments, or fashion items you will get a free scrunchie from a section of cotton, casual, or organza. Please take a picture of the items that you would like to donate and fill out the form below I will get back to you with the details.

I am very appreciative of your donation. I hope to see you soon.