My mission firstly is to use unwanted garments or deadstock fabric that would end up in the landfill, give them a new life, and support sustainability. Hence, to create awareness to the fashion industry. Also whilst doing this I focused on giving you the same awareness and make you feel much better buying unique items for yourself or someone special to you.
My mission secondly is caring for the world. Regarding global warming and recent activities which are pointing to that global issue. I have some awareness of packaging that can be harmful to the environment. When I am packaging my items I think that less is more. All my items are wrapped with recyclable tissue paper and comes to you in recyclable postage paper so you can recycle your packaging.
As a result, my ultimate purpose is to create timeless pieces that can be used every day by combining the art of handmade items and creativity with exceptional personalized service.
By providing this so, with the respect for humanity and the planet, I believe that my brand and the service I offer will cultivate the power of creativity and the spirit, to tell the stories that can be passed on from one to another through generations.