My passion for redesigning & repairing and upcycling clothes, scrunchies and jewellery began when I was a child. I was always interested in recycling my old clothes to create new clothes for my for my toys which eventually evolved to become what Nurcan Made is today. A mixture of recycled, ethical, sustainable and upcycled clothing, scrunchies and jewellery for customers across Hampshire and the UK.

By donating your materials and clothing for myself to redesign you will be contributing to my company that thrives on a zero waste policy and creates beautiful new items for people to show off and wear. I realise I am lucky as the UK is has evolved in the industry of recycling and upcycling as there are a lot of second-hand shops, charities, car boot sales, and much more where I can get my materials.

Use my re-design services on your unwanted garments or apparel items. All you need to do is just take the same photos of your existing item and describe to me how you want me to re-design it and send me through on my contact page. I will evaluate and get back to you with the possible dimensions of your item & costing.